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    Getting a lawyer or the service of a law firm in Nigeria is a terrifying experience that most people try to stay away from, because of the high cost involved. The result is many people are getting ripped off every day. Many people are getting away with all sorts of crime simply because the legal or judiciary system is so bad that the average Nigeria do not want to be involved in a legal battle. As a result, most legal practitioners have turned away from the practice of using the profession to fight injustice. Most lawyers in Nigeria therefore specialize in corporate, business or real estate legal practice in order to earn good income.

    This is why we have established My lawyer Nigeria to help bring the judiciary system and justice closer to the people. Within a few years of My Lawyer brand thriving, Nigeria is certain to become a better place in terms of the level of especially civil offenses and general behavior and attitude of the people. People will not only become more aware of their rights, they will also begin to respect more the rights of other people around them. This ultimately will promote growth and development in every area of our lives be it at home in our neighborhood or at workplace in our jobs.

    People will be become more transparent, accountable and credible. There will be more fairness in marriages because each partner is aware their behavior can easily be challenged in a court of law. Likewise there will be more fairness in the place of work because employers and employees are certain that their actions could easily be questioned In a court of law. The possibilities that My Lawyer stands to bring to the Nigerian society is enormous. It cuts across every sector from mining to manufactory, to customer services and more. My Lawyer Nigeria present endless possibilities

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